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Enjoy the Outdoors・Sustainability・Glocalizaition



My wife Mana and I shared a dream to create a sustainable community-based business in a beautiful location.


In our careers we travelled the world and would always find ourselves drawn to beautiful natural environments.


A few years ago we made the big decision to leave our corporate jobs in Tokyo and move with our two small children to enchanting Lake Yamanaka, where I had holidayed as a child.


The social disconnection brought on by the COVID-19 period re-enforced to me the joy and importance of meeting with people face to face, enjoying great food and relaxing in a pleasant environment. It encouraged us to make our dream a reality.


This is Yamanaka Terrace, a serene café and outdoor area. A place to meet with friends over a coffee. A place to enjoy local markets, local artists and musicians.

このご時世だからこそ、Yamanaka Terraceでは3つのことを大切にし、場づくりをしていきます。

And a place to sense and enjoy the wonder of nature around you – the birds, the smell of the forest, the seasons.

1.Enjoy the Outdoors

Next to the café is a bulk foods store where you can buy just the right amount of what you need without unnecessary single use packaging.


Yamanaka Terrace is also a place to consider what it means to have a sustainable lifestyle. We try to minimise our environmental footprint, using 100% renewable electricity, minimising waste and using recycled water where we can.


We use locally produced food and products as much as possible so as to minimise the impact of global logistics. Where we do introduce products from overseas which we believe meet our sustainability goals, we will remain mindful environmental impact to bringing those products here.

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Yamanaka Teracceは、夫婦で始める小さな場所です。全てが新しいチャレンジ、試行錯誤(思考作語)の毎日で、私たちだけではできないことがたくさんあることも痛感しました。

We will continue to seek out local businesses and artists and best global practices, experimenting with environmental ideas and learning as we go, to make Yamanaka Terrace a place you will enjoy and want to return to.

ここまでたくさんの運命的な出会いに助けられ、ようやく建設に辿り着きました。敷地全体の空間と建物の設計、イベントスペースのパビリオン、Yamanaka Teracceのロゴ、店内で提供する飲食や焼き菓子、コーヒーなど、一つ一つに大切な出会いとストーリーがあります。これからもたくさんの出会いがあることを願っています。

We could not have done this without the incredible support of so many people. Thankyou to our architect, our supervisor of food and American baked sweets, our coffee professional and all of you who have encouraged us to give this idea a go.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Terrace soon!